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The transition to mainstream school marks the beginning of a new stage in life for the children. Systematic learning characterizes daily routines at school. It is for this reason that it is important to encourage children to use their remaining free time in such a way that it serves both their individual interests and their overall development.

Our After School Club caters to children from age of 4 to 12 years.

We are committed to providing a child orientated program that cares for all areas of development, in a safe and secured environment.

n addition to helping children with their homework and revisions, we offer a wide range of comprehensive activities that are conducted by experienced professionals who have expertise in their respective fields. Our programme of activities is varied and challenging, making sure that all the children are mentally stimulated and enjoying themselves in the process of enriching themselves at every session.


This group is for children aged 2.5 years to 5 years. The children in this group would have just started attending formal school. At this stage, the children need a lot of emotional support to be able to cope with the many things that formal school introduces to them. Our warm, caring team is there for every child to help them cope socially and emotionally and feel positive about school. The children are engaged in a wide range of age appropriate preliminary activities which help develop the skills necessary for their overall development and academics.

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This group is for children aged 5 years to 8 years. The children are engaged in different activities that are appropriate for their age such as: quizzes, projects, making posters, arts and crafts, singing and dance, activities that help in building self-confidence and lots of games.


This group is for children aged 8 years to 14 years. This age group of children need more challenges and mental stimulation. We offer them various activities in different subjects such as science, maths, environment, cooking and keep them thinking by encouraging them to do ‘experiments’. The children are exposed to different media and technology to enrich their knowledge.

Typical Day for children attending After School Club

Our After school Club has different start times: 12 .30 p.m; 2.30 p.m or 3.30 p.m

Children that arrive at our After School Club from 12.30 p.m, freshen up and have a healthy, satisfying lunch which is freshly prepared in house. After lunch, the children relax a bit and play with their choice of toys and equipments and/or catch up with friends. The children have a choice of taking a short nap.

The mentor sets aside about 30 minutes in which your child is guided to do homework (if any). On days that the child does not have any homework to do, we encourage the child to do some writing practice.

Once the homework/ revision work is out of the way, children are encouraged to participate in activities that have been carefully planned keeping the varied interests and ages in mind. The children are involved in the selection of the activities. This, we see, gives the child a sense of ownership and pride in doing the activities.

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