We recognise that the children can feel cooped up in the same room for long hours and therefore, we have playrooms especially designed where children play, in smaller groups, under the supervision of their mentor. This gives them a sense of movement within the setting and also some relief in case the larger rooms get a bit too noisy for their liking!

These playrooms are designed for free play, dressing up play, small world play and role play


Our well-stocked library serves as a common book repository, in addition to the library that each group has in their own rooms. The library has a range of books, magazines and encyclopedias for the children and reference books for our staff to enhance their knowledge.

Outdoor Play Area

Children need to spend time outdoors. Our outdoor play area has appropriate play equipment and a sanded area for children to flex their muscles and have a good time!

Gardening Patch

At G&G we believe that children have a natural bond with nature that should be nurtured. We encourage children to develop gardening skills. This is not only an essential life skill but also a good way to feel close to nature, understand life cycle and feel happy about growing something and watch it grow!

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