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Our children are growing up in a society that demands expertise in everything. Learning from textbooks is not enough for the overall development. It's the age of specialization and children cannot afford to miss out on this window of opportunity.

A good after school program widens a child's area of interests. They are introduced to new possibilities - some interesting, some challenging, some teach new skills, while some increase self esteem. Socialization is another great advantage of after school programs. Children get to meet others who share their interests and make new friendships. After school programs keep children safe, help working families and inspire learning.

Our Recreational, Enrichment And Learning Methodology for Students (REALMS) comprehensive and carefully planned to cater to the interest and requirement of school going children from 2.5 years to 14 years and complements the education that the child receives in school.

REALMS is made up of four themes - The Unique Child, Positive Relationships, The Enabling Environment and Learning and Development. These themes are important as they all combine to ensure young children make good, strong progress and to learn the skills needed to become strong, confident individuals who are capable of learning and achieving through positive relationships, enabling environments and an understanding that every child is unique.

There are three areas of Holistic Development which the methodology is organised into to make sure children make all round development in this important stage.

Read on to find more details about each area of development and how children learn at our After School Programs, Clubs and Activities.

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This area of holistic development includes activities and experiences that help children to think creatively, have fun, de stress, be expressive, develop interest and understanding in the world that we live in, develop a hobby and be physically and mentally active!

Learning Goals

  • Creativity
  • Academic Efficacy
  • Thinking
  • STEM
  • Expressive Arts & Design
  • Physical fitness and agility
  • Understanding of the World
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Enriching activities and experiences are those that help in deepening the understanding of a concept of subject area and thinking. This can be achieved effectively when children learn the art of listening, paying attention and comprehend what is being said, have empathy, build good relationships with family, peers and mentors, develop a healthy competitive spirit and learn to bounce back from setbacks.

Learning Goals

  • Empathy
  • Self Confidence
  • Managing feelings and behaviour
  • Competitive spirit
  • Resilience
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Children should grow up appreciating that learning and developing is a lifelong process that goes way beyond classroom and textbooks. The learning that happens in the classroom must be complemented by learning outside of classrooms. Our learning activities and experiences help children acquire new skills and have better appreciation for the talent that they have. They learn to think critically, persevere to acquire new skills, appreciate different cultures, beliefs and values, while maintaining a sense of self.

Learning Goals

  • Life skills
  • Health, self care and wellbeing
  • Making relationships
  • Self Concept
  • Language and communication skills
  • Culture and Values
  • Perseverance
  • Time management

After School Programs, Clubs and Activities (ASCA) - Where Every Child Matters

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