Typical Day

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Our After school Club has different start times: 12 .30 p.m; 2.30 p.m or 3.30 p.m

Children that arrive at our After School Club from 12.30 p.m, freshen up and have a healthy, satisfying lunch which is freshly prepared in house. Our typical Menu plan.

After lunch, the children relax a bit and play with their choice of toys and equipments and/or catch up with friends. The children have a choice of taking a short nap.

The mentor sets aside about 30 minutes in which your child is guided to do homework (if any). On days that the child does not have any homework to do, we encourage the child to do some writing practice.

Once the homework/ revision work is out of the way, children are encouraged to participate in activities that have been carefully planned keeping the varied interests and ages in mind. The children are involved in the selection of the activities based on our Recreational, Enrichment And Learning Methodology for Students (REALMS). This, we see, gives the child a sense of ownership and pride in doing the activities.

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