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G&G’s Learning and Assessment Methodology (GLAM) is a framework for delivering high quality care, learning and development of children from birth to 5 years and is heavily inspired by Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, Montessori and EYFS of England.

GLAM is made up of four themes - The Unique Child, Positive Relationships, The Enabling Environment and Learning and Development. These themes are important as they all combine to ensure young children make good, strong progress in their earliest years. This stage in life is the most important as children’s minds and bodies grow and develop most from birth to age 4.

There are seven areas of Learning and Development which the curriculum is organised into to make sure children make all round development in this important stage.

Read on to find more details about each area of learning and how children learn at G&G Preschools.

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Under this area of Learning, the curriculum’s focus is on growth, self-esteem and interaction with one another. We provide an environment where the children feel acknowledged and secure and self confident. They are encouraged to form positive relationships with others and made to understand the importance of good relationships and working alongside others amicably. Children are allowed to freely express their feelings, emotions and ideas so that they develop their self esteem. Children are encouraged to develop independence so that they gain a sense of self respect and concern for personal safety and hygiene.

Learning Goals

  • Self Confidence
  • Self awareness
  • Managing feelings and behaviour
  • Making relationships
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
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We provide an environment where children naturally begin to communicate, speak and listen. Their communication skills are further supported and extended by stories, songs and rhymes.

Learning Goals

  • Listening
  • Attention
  • Understanding
  • Speaking
  • MultiLingualism
Communication and Language Development
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Physical development helps the children to be confident, healthy and active. We provide an environment that keeps them active and improves their coordination and movement

Learning Goals

  • Moving and handling
  • Health and Self Care
Physical Development
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Children are encouraged to read, write and draw so that they understand the link between the spoken and written sounds and visual signs. As the children develop their skills of speaking, listening and writing, they are building foundations for literacy.

Learning Goals

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Comprehension
Literacy Development
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Children are encouraged to engage in activities that help them develop their analytical and reasoning capabilities. We provide an environment that is mentally stimulating and in which the children ask new questions, develop mathematical ideas, solve problems and make connections across all areas of Learning and Development.

Learning Goals

  • Numbers
  • Shapes, Space and Measures
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The children are supported to understand the world that we all live in. They are made aware of the plants, objects and other creatures that exist in the world along with us. They are also introduced to the concepts of technology, time and place. The children are helped to learn and respect their own culture and that of other’s.

Learning Goals

  • People and Communities
  • The world
  • India
  • Technology
Understanding of the World
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Children are encouraged to be creative and express their feelings through different mediums such as dance, music, design, colouring, role-play etc. Creativity helps develop the child’s imagination and lays the foundation for ‘out of the box’ thinking and innovations.

Learning Goals

  • Using Media and Materialss
  • Being Imaginative
Expressive Arts and Design
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How children learn at G&G Preschools

The G&G’s Learning and Assessment Methodology (GLAM) is for a period of education from 0 – 5 years. Our framework lays the foundation for the children to learn the skills needed to become strong, confident individuals who are capable of learning and achieving through positive relationships, enabling environments and an understanding that every child is unique.

The children are introduced to new ideas and further thinking through the seven Areas of Learning and Development:
The first three are known as the Prime Areas (Personal, Social and Emotional Devel-opment, Communication and Language and Physical Development) and develop quickly in response to relationships and experiences. These support and scaffold the four Specific Areas (Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design) which include essential skills and knowledge to ensure that children have the best possible start to their learning journey.

These skills, experiences and learning opportunities are presented to the children through meaningful play contexts and adult led activities which ensure that each child has the opportunity to play and explore in an active and engaging environment that allows them to be creative, think critically and take risks to achieve more.

At G&G Preschools, children follow the GLAM framework till they begin formal school at Grade 1. Through interactive learning children follow the curriculum areas to build up key basic skills in the seven areas of learning. The Mentors very carefully observe children to understand what they can do, how children are learning well and use this information to plan the next steps in their learning. Whenever possible the children’s interests are used to inspire and engage deep learning. Learning takes place indoors and outdoors, in all weathers and teaching can be direct in small or large groups, guided by the teacher or sometimes independent in response to a specific task or learning opportunity. These activities and learning opportunities are planned to ensure children can apply their basic skills confidently and prepare them for the later stages of schooling.

Learning experiences and interests children have outside school are very important, especially those they share with parents and carers. These experiences promote deep learning and hold great value for children as they experience new learning with those they are closest too. To help your child to learn the best they can in the GLAM approach we really encourage partnership work. Please tell us how your child is learning at home, what they enjoy doing, and any new learning moments they have so we can build in this in school. Likewise we aim to share with you the developments your child makes as they progress well through our methodology.

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