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Our children are grouped according to their age, ability and mobility. They are engaged in age appropriate activities and experiences that enable them to learn through play.

Our curriculum is a progressive one, where the child moves to the next level of challenges when the child is ready to do so.


This room is for babies from 4 months old to 18 months.

At this young age, babies learn through their senses. Sounds, smells, physical contact, singing, games and talking are vital to the baby.

As babies, we develop faster than any other time in our lives. In the first year, the excitement of sound, sight and touch will be accompanied by a series of extra special firsts…including walking.

The curriculum and activities take into consideration the rapid development of a child’s brain during the first 18 months of a child’s life, and mainly concentrates on providing multi sensory activities.

Learning through play will help develop confidence and skills in this formative year. At Grandma & Grandpa’s we provide a wealth of experience to respond to children’s natural curiosity. The baby room is an oasis of calm in our busy setting where the primary role of the experienced mature staff is to provide an environment for each individual child that mirrors the loving, caring, feeding and sleeping routines within their homes.

We have a bright, cheerful playroom with sleeping area and adjoining nappy changing facilities

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This room for children 1.5 years to 2.5 years old.

A large, stimulating playroom providing a wide range of activities and equipment, which gives children an opportunity to explore their newfound skills of mobility, communication and awareness of other individuals – adults and children. This encourages the development of vital early skills in co-ordination, discovery, language and perception.

With their growing confidence and physical abilities, the design of the room will provide a multitude of tasks.

Our staffs ensure your child is encouraged and stimulated through these early development stages, with complete care, support and security. Child friendly toilets and sinks allow this room to be self sufficient, thereby developing and encouraging independence.

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This room is for children 2.5 to 3.5 years old.

At G&G ELC we recognise that toddlers are a bundle of energy and full of ideas and curiosity. A large bright and spacious room with a variety of activities such as painting, sticking, sand play, play dough, along with lots of singing and dancing ensures children learn through everything that they do.

The activities provided are planned to allow the children to build on their natural curiosity, advance their thinking, use their imagination and develop positive social relationships.

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Busy Bees

This room is for children 3.5 to 5.5 years old.

This is the preschool group of Grandma & Grandpa’s. As part of Busy Bees is our preschool group, where your child will learn Literacy, Maths, rudimentary science and knowledge of the world that we live in. The staffs allow children to participate in a well-structured day which helps prepare them for primary school.

The curriculum is designed in two levels GnG Preschool Level 1 in which the child learns to recognise and write the English alphabets, recognise and write numbers, count, phonics, recognise some high- frequency words, develop conversational skills and have some understanding about the world that we live in. GnG Preschool Level 2 takes the learning of level 1 forward and helps the child to read simple words and sentences, develops mathematical skills such as skip count, sort, match, develop comprehension and storytelling skills. The children also learn everyday concepts such as time of the day, day of the week, seasons, festivals and so on.

At the end of GnG Preschool Level 1 and Level2, your child will be ready to attend first grade in a ‘big school’.

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