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My children practically grew up here. GnG takes my worries of child care away while I am at work.. congrats to the entire team and all the best to reach new heights.

Rekha Vijay

The best play school that you can ever find! Great infrastructure, the best teaching methodology, superb and kind staff. Overall it doesn’t get better than this. I feel so much gratitude to Padma and the GnG family who have made this a great place for my son to play and learn.

Ranjjiet Varhmen

Can't thank my friends enough for recommending G&G to us. Amazing team and truly a blessing for working moms. Absolute professionals and high standards maintained. My baby Yohan loves and enjoys being at G&G thoroughly. It is hard to get him back home these days in the evening.

Carmel Ashwin

Wonderful place for kids. My daughter enjoyed every moment of her time.

Narayanan Lakshmanan

My son is at 'big' school now but he still asks me if we are going to G&G every morning! He misses it sooo much... Thank you and can't wait to see you all soon!

Azraa Maula

God send!!! Anandi still refers to things that she did in GnG, all the friends that she made there are still her best friends. And I made some amazing friends as well. Padma, god bless you!

Vanitha Jairam

Can never forget my son's early days in GnG. Excellent care with very good facilities and staff . Hope u were there in Hyderabad also... could have put him for after school care..All the very best.. Padma and thank you again.

Srivalli Khandavilli

Its been one of my best blessings in life!!! I left my son with G&G when he was 4 months old and he is going strong at 15 months. I couldn't have wished for a better place for my kid.

Payal Goel

I love it! The best!!!

Sunethra Ramanan

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