Typical Day

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At Grandma and Grandpa’s, the child’s fun filled day starts at 8.30 a.m. The children start their day with free play and then are gently eased into the day’s routine with circle time. Through the morning, the children are engaged in a number of fun-filled activities which seem very natural to the child, but are carefully planned based on the G&G’s Learning and Assessment Methodology (GLAM).

Just as structured activities are important to guide the child towards the Early Learning Goals, free play is also important to help develop the child’s imagination and independence. The children are given a good balance between structured activities and free play throughout the day.

Food and nutrition is given high priority at G&G. Children are offered healthy and nutritious food that is freshly made in house, at regular intervals, through the day. Our menu is planned with care so that it has variety, taste and nutrition. In addition to the food, children are offered water through the day, as per their individual needs and requirements. We can safely say that by the time your child has spent a few months with us, your child will fall in love with our food and become a good eater! Our typical Menu plan.

Just after lunch time and before the start of our P.M session, the time is set aside as ‘quiet time/nap time’. During this time, younger children are encouraged to nap so that they can feel fresh and energised. Older children have the option of not taking a nap. They are encouraged to play quietly, giving respect to the rest time of other children that are taking a nap.

Weather permitting, the children are given an opportunity to play outdoors and exercise their large muscles. We also have a gardening patch – to bring the children closer to nature!

The busy day of the happy and content little learners comes to an end at 6.30 p.m – with the promise of another fun filled day at G&G!

Children that are signed up for our wrap around care service, continue their activities till 7.30 p.m

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